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Franck Muller Replica Professional Apollo 11 Limited Edition 45th Anniversary was launched in 2014 to celebrate the 45th anniversary. This was the first Franck Muller Replica Professional to feature a titanium casing in regular production. The bezel of the watch is made from Omega's proprietary red gold alloy 'Sedna,' while the ceramic tachymeter is a part of it. Omega's Sedna alloy is a blend of gold, palladium, and copper. It has a minimum 75% gold content. Palladium gives the gold an exclusive rose color, and the result is a long-lasting reddish tint on the Sedna Gold.

This dial is unique to Omega, as the wording and logo haven't been printed on it like they usually do. Instead, the dial has been made from 1 piece of material and is treated with PVD black. The dial was created using a laser that removed all the material around the logo, the model name, the subdial numerals and the minute and hour markers. This is one of the most cool Franck Muller Replicas we've seen.(

The Omega "First Omega In Space", Franck Muller Replica, is based on ref. The new model is named after the event in which Wally Schirra wore the ref. 2998 on the Mercury Atlas 8 flight in October 1962. The current model measures 39.7mm and has an external tachymeter with a dot above 90. It also features alpha hour and minutes hands, as well as alpha and baton hand on the subdials. It is powered by the manually wound Lemania-based Caliber 1861 that Omega uses since 1968.

Omega chose to create a warm tone with their proprietary and unique combination of copper, gold, and palladium for this timepiece. The color is somewhere between pink and red gold. Chopard Replica Watches created a brown ceramic dial to complement the timepiece.

Franck Muller Replica Professional Apollo 15 is a limited-edition of 1971 pieces. It was introduced in 2011 to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Apollo 15 was the fourth NASA mission to land on the Moon, and was also the first time the Lunar Rover had been used.

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